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  The ultimate goal is to achieve business ownership with the ability to employ others who like themselves needed help, creating a cycle of success and dependability.

Our Ie3© Mentorship Program provides a four tier, holistic approach in addressing recidivism. Our four step process begins at Incarceration and moves through Education, Employment and ENTREPRENEURSHIP; our program establishes a purposeful mentor/mentee relationship.


The driving passion of the Nehemiah Group manifests itself in a progressive nonprofit solution that is single-handedly changing the way private institutions and state governments view correctional facilities. This passion is based on the idea that prison inmates have a massive reservoir of untapped potential once expressed in illegitimate business endeavors. By linking top business and academic talent with program participants through an MBA-level curriculum, The Nehemiah Group seeks to redirect these men into legitimate enterprises, leveraging their proven entrepreneurial skill-sets to inspire an even deeper change.

Amir Khan, the Founder of The Nehemiah Group brings a strong track record of leadership to this undertaking. The following short list outlines some of his accomplishments:

  • President of NexGen Wireless; a cutting edge, lead provider of 4G wireless technology in the Manhattan market.
  • Glory Land Bowling (former owner); a community based activity center in Willingboro, NJ
  • KPBA Radio Station (former owner); first full time minority owned radio station in Pine Bluff, AK
  • American Printing Company (former owner); premier South Jersey printing company employing over 100 people.
  • Excel Communications: Nations largest cell phone distributor