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  The Genesis House is a residential transitional living facility designed for men 18 years and older who are presently experiencing recovery from addictions, homelessness, unemployment and/or ex-incarceration.


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The vision and purpose of the Genesis House is to provide a refuge for people desperately seeking to change their behavioral destructive lives, to become productive and healthy members of society. We provide a comprehensive approach to recovery for each person including the physical, mental, social, emotional, and spiritual aspects of their lives. We are focused on a set of eight healing essentials for successful reentry into the community; correct thinking, social training, education, job readiness, financial management, work therapy, personal and family healing, and spiritual awareness.

During a personís residency with the Genesis House, we will assist them in obtaining employment with various agencies.

We also help these men obtain a drivers license, establish a personal bank account, save towards the purchase of a car, and eventually obtain their own residency.

Upon entry to the Genesis House, all qualified applicants may be provided with free room and board until such time that they are working, at which time they will be required to contribute a percentage of their income towards their stay.

The Genesis House is a ministry of the Nehemiah Group, which is a non-profit 501(c3) corporation, and is open to receive donations from church and other organizations. For more information about the Genesis House, call (844)-384-8378.

You may address all correspondence to our admissions office:

    The Genesis House
    Attn: Micah Khan
    1300 Dr. Mustapha Khan Way
    (formerly Princess Ave.)
    Camden, NJ 08103