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  Research has shown that ex-offenders who obtain regular employment and develop strong social bonds have much lower recidivism rates. Reentry is virtually universal: 95% of those people who enter state prison are released and every juvenile and every person in jail will be released.

Our Ie3© Mentorship Program provides a four tier, holistic approach in addressing recidivism. Our four step process begins at Incarceration and moves through Education, EMPLOYMENT and Entrepreneurship; our program establishes a purposeful mentor/mentee relationship.


Many ex-offenders have difficulty finding permanent, unsubsidized, living-wage employment because they lack job-seeking experience, a work history, and occupational skills. Also, many employers refuse to hire individuals with criminal records. The inability to find appropriate employment seriously affects an ex-offenderís stability and is consistently associated with high recidivism rates. The Nehemiah Group understands these barriers and will overcome them by providing temporary and full-time employment services for ex-offenders at their most vulnerable stage of rehabilitationóimmediately after release.

Mentors will provide assistance in helping mentees obtain essential documentation such as social security cards, birth certificates, and driverís licenses. Some additional services include instruction in completing job applications, job-readiness classes, interviewing skills, job coaching, resume writing and financial management. The finance director will teach the clients priority and responsibility by establishing a bank account, creating a budget, and monitoring their finances to ensure that any fines or child support obligations are being paid.

We have struck strategic partnerships with various entities that offer employment opportunities to ex-offenders. These employers are compiled in a database where our clients are matched by an employment specialist according to his/her unique strengths and abilities. Due to the current economic crisis, the Nehemiah Group has implemented a Job Creation component in order to keep our clients working despite the rising unemployment rates.